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Biopekárna Zemanka
Biopekárna Zemanka
Biopekárna Zemanka
Biopekárna Zemanka
Biopekárna Zemanka
Biopekárna Zemanka
Biopekárna Zemanka
Biopekárna Zemanka
Biopekárna Zemanka

Who we are


We are a Czech producer of organic sweet biscuits and organic savoury crackers. Our company was founded in 2006 in the small town of Oříkov near Sedlčany in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic. All of our products are certified organic, as we make them using only ingredients from certified organic farming. Our organic products have no artificial trans fats, refined white sugar, chemical preservatives, or artificial colouring or flavouring.

All of our products are baked according to our original recipes and are prepared with a great pleasure not only to be of a high quality but also to taste great. That is why our products have won numerous awards such as the Czech Organic Product of 2007 and 2008 and Favourite Organic Product of 2008. The production procedures meet the criteria of the Slow Food Movement and we are also holders of the Slow Food Prague Movement award.

We hold the international BRC food safety certification and the Czech Klasa quality certificate. Every year, we produce over 60 tonnes of baked goods which is more than 600,000 packages of delicious organic biscuits and organic crackers.

Our family team

Jan Zeman is in charge of the bakery's operations. His mother Věra Zemanová is a professional confectioner with more than 40 years of experience in Czech and foreign hotels. She oversees the organic bakery's production and is a Chief Technology Officer and the soul of the whole process. The inspiration of our recipes was given by Hanka Zemanová, a renowned expert in organic food.

Our business is run following the eco-friendly rules

  • We use only organic cleaning products, particularly those containing organic ingredients
  • We use only recycled cardboard and paper
  • We only collect energy from Nano Energies renewable sources

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The Zemanka organic bakery is a small, family-run organic bakery. We produce shelf-stable sweet organic biscuits and savoury organic crackers. We bake exclusively with certified organic ingredients, and when making our organic food products we do not use any refined white sugar, artificial trans fats, chemical preservatives, or artificial colouring or flavourings. The organic food we make not only tastes great but also comes from the finest organic farming ingredients. Our organic product range includes biscuits, savoury crackers, biscuits for children, and gluten-free biscuits.

All of our recipes are originally created in our bakery, including our gluten-free range of organic biscuits. This is the first gluten-free range of organic biscuits of exquisite composition and taste. It is not only for people following a gluten-free diet but also for those who love buckwheat, corn, or rice flour and wish to cut down on gluten in their diet. Do not hesitate to try our gluten-free organic food.

Organic sweet biscuits:
Organic Fair Trade Choc Macaroons, Organic Apple Cookies, Organic Multigrain Biscuits, Organic Macaroons, Organic Muesli Cookies, Organic Honey Gingerbread Biscuits, Organic Butter Biscuits with oats, Organic Poppy Seed Biscuits, Organic Coffee Biscuits with Coconut, Organic Spelt Love Hearts.

Organic Savoury Crackers:
Spelt Crackers with Pumpkin Seeds and Garlic, Sesame Spelt Crackers, Spelt and Rosemary Crackers, Spelt Crackers with Cheese and Sunflower.

Organic biscuits for children:
Organic Spelt Wholemeal Biscuits, Organic Apple Duck-shaped Biscuits made with Spelt Flour, Organic Animal Cookies, Cocoa Organic Animal Cookies.

Organic Gluten-Free Biscuits:
Organic Gluten-Free Rice Sponge Biscuits, Organic Gluten-Free Gingerbread Biscuits, Organic Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookies, Organic Gluten-Free Apple Buckwheat Biscuits.